Ordering a custom Fly Bonnet is very easy. Please follow the steps when emailing me your inquiry or order. 

Step 1: Size- Pony, Horse, Warmblood

Step 2: Main Colors- Please let me know your main colors (ie: Black and white, purple, blue and green) 

Step 3: Accent Colors- Gold or Silver

Step 4: In order of the photo's above please choose the kind of bling you will want on your bonnet- machine washable chain, crystal chain, beading, or ultra bling chain. 

Step 5: Smooth edges or scalloped edges.


Once you have these 5 steps finished please email me with a price range. After I receive your order or inquiry we can work together over the phone or email using pictures to see your design develop. 

Pricing: Basic bonnets start at $65 and go up from there depending on the amount of bling, crystals, and jewels you want in your design. Swarovski designs using pearls, beads, or crystals start at $80.