Ordering a custom browband is very easy. Please follow the steps when emailing me your inquiry or order. 

Step 1: Color of the leather- Black or Havana Brown

Step 2: Shape of the browband- Straight, V Shape, or Curved.

Step 3: Size of Browband- 14" Pony, 15" Cob, 16" Horse, 17" Warmblood, 18-19" Draft

Step 4: Main Colors- Please let me know your main colors (ie: Black and white, purple, blue and green) 

Step 5: Accent Colors- Gold or Silver

Please view our designs page for a catalogue of designs and prices!

Once you have these 5 steps finished please email me with a price range and a color scheme you like as well as how much bling you like on a scale of 1-10  (1-  want no sparkle, just color or 10- I want to blind anyone who looks at this browband). After I receive your order or inquiry we can work together over the phone or email using pictures to see your design develop. 

Pricing: Basic browbands start at $60 and go up from there depending on the amount of bling, crystals, and jewels you want in your design. Swarovski designs using pearls, beads, or crystals start at $80 and our top price ends up being around $100.